Hi, My name is Hamid Reza Niroomand (in Persian: حمید رضا نیرومند).
I'm 28, from Saveh (in Iran).
I'm a Computer Engineer and these days I teach different computer courses in universities and institutes, apart from that, I'm a web designer.

If you are one of my students, simply click here to visit your corresponding website and if you are not my student and you need further information about me, you may need to explore these websites:
:: My Facebook Profile (I deleted my Facebook account!)
:: My Twitter Account
:: My FriendFeed Profile
:: http://aftab.cc (Aftabgardan Cultural Center)
:: http://blog.niroomand.ir (My English blog)
:: http://st.aftab.cc (My students' Website)
:: My Photo Galleries: Flickr  |  Aftabgardan

Some of my projects:
:: Nomra 3 new (Online Learning Management System [LMS])
:: Testa 3 new (Online Test Management System)
:: Jam`aa (Homework Management System)
:: ParsKhan (Persian Text To Speech System)
:: youRL.ir (URL Shortener)
:: Prediction System (Online Soccer Prediction System)
:: My latest book (کتاب «چگونه یک تجارت الکترونیک راه اندازی کنم؟»‏)
:: My Video Tutorials (محصولات آموزشی مهندس نیرومند: آموزش طراحی وب مقدماتی و پیشرفته - آموزش فتوشاپ مقدماتی و پیشرفته و...‏)

Contact me at: info [ at ] niroomand.ir    |    Send me SMS at +9810000100003030

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